Serve It Up Kidz welcomes young people 5-18 years old. The vision is to set a foundation for success on and off the court. We are inspiring young people of all skill levels to reach their potential. Goulds Florida is the perfect environment and tennis is the perfect sport to teach young people that adversity is a human condition. Adversity is always an opportunity to learn the tools for success.

Our program begins with strong emphasis on fundamentals,  technique and strategy. Mental toughness, nutrition and physical fitness is imperative. The program formula prepares an athlete for the tennis court, the challenges of school and their future goals.

The Vision and programs of Serve It Up Kidz is accomplished with professionally trained coaches who have built a team family in an atmosphere of physical and emotional safety. The training space is one that motivates, encourages and challenges , creating mental and physical growth in a fun and playful environment.

To take a quote from UP2Us a leader in sports-based youth development; “Sports is not just a game its one of the most powerful tools to positively transform kids’ lives.”

Serve It Up Kidz provides instruction for up to 50 youth. Each lesson incorporates the development of athletic fundamentals; Performance; Competition; Mental toughness and  Nutrition.

Positive outcomes from the children participating will make an immediate impact on the Goulds community by improving their grades, becoming team players and leaders, setting goals, becoming physically fit and making sound life decisions regarding drugs alcohol and sexual behaviors reducing violence in the Goulds community.