Fresh Start

December 2014 ended my 24 year career as a recreation manager.  Without a job and time on my hands I decided to continue teaching the 20 children who constantly asked “when is tennis practice”?

Our children are in crisis. Supportive statistics show the need for elevating high school and college graduation, a need to lower the obesity numbers as well as the need to understand a healthy eating life style and lastly the need for changing the social environment from violence to achievement; from “acting out” behaviors to successful athletes, students, and future business men and women.

 I heard someone say, “We teach what we most need to learn.”
2015 was a new beginning and a chance to turn what I had always done into a tangible possibility, a new career, a fresh start. February 2016 Rebecca Zephir Foundation became official and the tennis program is now Serve It Up Kidz.  Serve It Up Kidz welcomes children ages 5-18 all skill levels and looks forward to teaching many more children the game of a life time.